Stronger erections and stamina after just 2 weeks.

Try these easy-to-follow exercises. You control the length of sexual intercourse and your erection. Use our ready-to-use Iron Kegel exercise plan.

Kegel exercises for men

Why Iron Kegel?

Stronger erection

By training regularly you will quickly see the effect of a strong erection. No more stress during intercourse. You decide when you want to do it.

An orgasm like you've never had before

The stronger the Kegel muscles, the more intense the sensations during sex. Delaying the end of intercourse results in a stronger finish.

No more back pain

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for stabilizing the spine. By training your Kegel muscles, you eliminate postural defects and the back pain that accompanies them.

Finish when you want

Up to 15 minutes longer thanks to strong Kegel muscles. You control when to end intercourse. Falstart? Not a problem anymore.

You are safeguarding your health for the future

As we age, the pelvic floor muscles become weaker. By training them regularly you will ensure that you don't have problems with erections or incontinence.

High self-confidence

With control over your body, you are confident in your abilities and know what you are capable of.


The app provides instructions on how to locate and feel your Kegel muscles.

Training Progress

You can measure how strong your Kegel muscles are at any time. See how your strength has changed by looking at the progress chart.

Kegel trainer for men


The look and feel of the app was designed to keep everything as discreet as possible when training with us.


To make sure you never forget your workout, Iron Kegel will remind you by sending you a discreet notification.


Are Kegel muscle exercises for me?

Kegel muscle training is for everyone. It is an investment in your health and sexual performance. You can train anywhere and anytime using our training plan.

After how long will I see the effects of exercise?

You will see the effects of the workouts after just 2 weeks. Greater control over your erection and longer intercourse are the first of the effects you will see.

How will I know how to train?

In the app, we have prepared a set of instructions on how to find Kegel muscles and explained how to train them. All you need to do is follow our instructions.

Will exercise help to Resolve my erection problems?

Yes, if your problem is related to weak pelvic floor muscles our workout plan will help you solve your erection problems.

Will exercise help me delay ejaculation?

Of course yes! To prolong your sex you need strong and durable Kegel muscles. With our app you will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by up to 86%.

How often do I need to train?

Just exercise for a few minutes a day with regularity. The Iron Kegel app will remind you of each workout so you don’t fall out of shape.

Exercises that, after 30 days, will make you last 15 minutes longer.

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